Get involved

You have the power to help women around the world - by learning, volunteering, speaking out and donating. Your involvement with CAPEC enables poor children and their families to create lasting change for themselves, their families, and their communities. As a sponsor, you’ll get regular updates about our work in the Cameroon and community where the child you sponsor lives. You can also enjoy a unique cultural exchange, by writing and receiving letters.

Make A Donation

CAPEC is a registered charity number G39/014/5/252 working for the wellbeing of children in Cameroon and for a better deal for low-income families. We rely on the support of individuals and organisations to support our vital work. The services we provide helped children get a better education. Through our campaigns and information a lot of social ills like child labour and forced child marriages are gradually eradicated in our community. We also sponsor children to school and carryout follow up at home You can help by making a donation or your company could become a corporate supporter.


Christmas Cards

Christmas cards in eleven attractive designs are now available for a remarkable donation of only 1000fcfa and 2000fcfa0 (+P&P) per pack of ten cards with envelopes.

CAPEC T-Shirts, Pens and Badges

Get a fashionable CAPEC T-shirt (available in sizes from small to XXL) for a donation of only 6000FCFA each and pens and badges for only 500 each. Order yours today


These painting are done by orphans and underprivileged children. By buying a painting, you help the child go to school

Arts and Craft

We also have nice African Craft at our shop

Join a Support Group

Rolande Sonya Mbatchou,third year student at DePaul University,Chicago Illinois created Fabou Africa’s Children Education (FACE) to support CAPEC. This group of motivated students seeks to provide children in Cameroon with the tools they need for their education and success.FACE will collect individual pencil cases with a pen, a pencil, and an eraser that are in good conditions, which will be sent to the kids in this school. Most of us take these things for granted, however, for some of these children these are precious and rare items. In parallel, FACE will do some fundraising to ship the items collected and buy more school supplies for the kids in Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School. If you are a student who goes to another school in any part of the world, and would like to start this operation in your own school, you can message CAPEC and FACE with your personal information and ideas, and we will advise you on ways you can start.

Organised your own Event

CAPEC Volunteer Marjolein Buss and Lennard Duijvestijn from Netherlands created a website and raised 5000euros - enough to provide Mattress to 3 orphanages in Yaoundé, build a Poultry house for St Korilose orphanage and provided books and food for orphan children

Another supporter, Chan Edwina from Hong Kong raised 1400US$ for CAPEC by sending emails to friends and relatives - enough to sponsor Orphans Holiday Summer Program known as Hello Kids 2008.The Program brought together 100 orphan kids from 6 different orphanages in Yaoundé. Workshop materials and food was supply to the kids during their two weeks training Ted Cunningham from United Kingdom is presently running to raise fund to support CAPEC build a school for underprivileged children. Whatever you do, do something!

Whatever your event, remember to get in touch with CAPEC Events Team and let them know your plans. We can give help and support in organising your event, as well as provide you with promotional materials and additional publicity. We also have a range of ideas of the type of events you could organise if you need inspiration! We are looking for fun and enthusiastic people who are ready for a challenge to help us raise money for vulnerable children in Cameroon.

Be an Ambassador

CAPEC welcomes persons interested in becoming a part of its special group called CAPEC Ambassador.

Ambassador support CAPEC by Pledging to give or raise 500.000FCFA or more annually to support CAPEC’s activities. Telling others about CAPEC and how they can help Organizing events (such as pot-luck dinners etc) that support CAPEC Dedicating birthday, wedding anniversaries and other celebrations to CAPEC Ambassadors also work within their existing faith, school, social and / or community groups.

Other ways to support us

You can also create your own sponsorship pages at ’’ if you want to raise funds for the organisation through an event. There are many types of events that you could organise or take part in. Why not set up a DJ night and get your friends to bring friends, take part in a run and raise money while getting fit at the same time or keep it simple and hold a quiz night or put together a stall at a local fair or market. Any questions feel free to contact Franklin Asue Kang on +237 77751606 or email at