CAPEC Participated in the National Forum on Children’s Vulnerability and Social Protection in Cameroon : 20th -22nd September 2011

The Ministry of Social Affairs, UNICEF and other partners organized a three day forum with the theme “Sharing experiences and searching for a consensus on strategic solutions”. The overall goal of the forum was to find consensus on the strategic solutions relating to the social protection of the child in Cameroon and to hasten efforts towards the attainment of the MDGS. Policies such as the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper and the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper and socio-economic development sectoral plans such as the Social Development Sector Strategy etc., which were conceived and implemented by the government with the support of its partners in development, resulted in some marked progress in the domains of child survival, basic education, access to potable water and the protection of children.

Despite efforts put forward by the government with the support of technical and financial partners, the outcome of the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) and the convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1989 still has room for improvement.

During the three day workshops/Forum, some of the themes presented were:

  • Social Protection: The case of Cameroon in Cameroon (Mr. KINGNE, Head of UNICEF PSP Section)
  • Vulnerability and Social protection: The case of older persons (Mrs. EYINGA DIMA Estelle (BUCREP)
  • Social Protection in Cameroon through Employment (Theopiste BUTARE,ILO)
  • Social protection of the Child in Cameroon: Balance sheet, evolution and perspectives (Mrs. Moussa Lassomme DPSE/MINAS)