What we do

CAPEC focuses its program on the following:


The primary goal of the HIV/AIDS Sensitization Program is to spread awareness, thereby reducing the number of new infections in Cameroon. The program aims to correct common misconceptions about HIV/AIDS and to ensure that individuals have accurate information, which will help them to make informed decisions.

The sensitization program aims to:

-* Give individuals the confidence and tools to be able to negotiate sex with a partner -* Encourage individuals to think about sex and to allow them to assess the risks of any type of sexual activity -* Teach individuals how to reduce the risk of infection by encouraging abstinence, delaying sexual activity, using condoms, and reducing their number of partners -* Explain where to go to get testing, diagnosis, and counseling for HIV/AIDS -* Help individuals understand the implications of being HIV infected and to encourage them to keep themselves as healthy as possible, thereby reducing the risk of opportunistic infections -* Give caregivers information on how to care for HIV/AIDS patients

Community Sports

The main objective of our community sport program is the promotion of youths in the involvement of community development and leadership. In a society like Cameroon mired in poverty, young people could be faced with a range of problems which could lead to distress and even mental illnesses. Failure at examination, family problems, unhealthy peer group relationships and drug abuse that could cause stress. Street children are vulnerable to a wide range of social ills, including drugs and alcohol abuse, gang violence, prostitution and involvement in crime. Many young people have multiple and complex difficulties which require intensive support. CAPEC gives one-to-one support to young people, offering practical training, help and advice in solving their problems and helping to improve their lives. Sports, especially collective disciplines like football, basketball, tennis, etc, could provide useful remedies. It could help children/youths to develop team spirit, tolerance and living without violence. Our project is all about football and different games as a cultural mediator and a medium for social development.

Sports play a vital role in the economic and social well being of our communities, state and nation. Those who excel in sports could become bread winners for their families and change their fortunes dramatically. World famous players like Samuel Eto’o are from poor desolate families. CAPEC mobilizes people willing to contribute time, resources and expertise for the greater good of our society.


  • CAPEC educates and sensitizes youths on sports for development. CAPEC does this by sponsoring a youth team in youth inter-quarters competition in Kumba.
  • CAPEC carries out capacity building for youths through seminars and workshops on sports, HIV/Aids and community development, leadership and mentoring, training and community cleaning

Arts for Development

Arts for development are one of the programmes of the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC). Created in 2003, art in all its forms is used as a tool for communication and sustainable development. We work with children aged 0-20 in schools, orphanages and street children.

We use arts as a means for children to freely express their views on key issues surrounding them, be they positive or negative. It is also a means of promoting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) within local communities we work with, breaking barriers of differences and fostering meaningful dialogue and sustainable development through the interactions between children from different strata of society. We also do exhibitions of their works in public places to make known their ideas.

We do regular art workshops/sessions and we supply all working material for the children. Arts for development also offers the opportunity for school drop outs to learn a trade in the field of arts thus cutting down juvenile delinquency in our towns and cities.

We have, since the creation of this programme , actively taken part in important days like; the day against child labour; June 12, the day of the African child; June 16, Earth Festival every third week of June, and International Peace day; 21 September just to name a few. We have also initiated lots of other art competitions and exhibition to awake the attention of the public in art as a real tool for sustainable development.

Nevertheless it is not easy running programmes of this nature, as learning is not sufficient. We need to provide starting kits for the children. For some like the street children, after teaching them we need to take them off the streets by creating them a small working space / lodging and all these is financial demanding.

Leadership Training

CAPEC builds communities where young people in peer groups and in association with adults as their mentors come together to create positive social change. CAPEC designs and implements community-based programs that provide youth with leadership skills in the areas of prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, philanthropy and civic engagement. CAPEC creates educative and training programs that foster efforts towards social change across Cameroon and promotes best practices in the field of youth development. Our leadership program is carried out annually for youths between the ages of 15 to 35years

Youth Exchange Program

Is your school / university group or your organisation up to The Challenge? An experience of a lifetime, to make a difference within an African community and helping orphan children and underprivileged, teaching in a rural community? Our Youth Exchange offers unique educational and cultural packages that introduce you and your group to the wonders of Cameroon. Our expert advice and knowledge of destinations goes beyond sight-seeing. We specialize in integrating the traveller(s) with the local communities, for an authentic experience, through educational, humanitarian and Cultural activities. While we pre-arrange all travel details so you can maximize your time in Cameroon, we also recognize the importance of independent time to explore and ’escape.’ Cultural Embrace customizes a balanced itinerary to meet your schedule, budget, interests, and passion.

Program Objectives

  • Providing opportunity and facilities for the social, educational, cultural and physical development of young people
  • Providing exposure and actual orientation on the work of the Cameroonian youths relating to peace-building, youth employment, HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Development of a youth network committed to and knowledgeable in effective, youth-friendly strategies for community development
  • Provide skills in leadership, facilitation, proposal writing program, planning and evaluation as well as budgeting and financial management
  • Encourage young Cameroonian to develop a life-long interest and involvement in Cameroon through opportunities to explore innovative, citizen-driven development.

Type of Program

-* Adventure Travel -* Community Service/Volunteerism -* Cultural Exploration -* Language Immersion -* Student Tours